Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How the new chat feature of is going to favor travel technology business?

On 4 May 2016, announced its new chat feature which allows the customers to text their accommodation soon after placing the hotel reservations. Though this advent is an old school feature, it allows any sort of conversations with the property owners. This is adding value to the business of travel technology companies.

Hotel Reservation System
All of us are accustomed to social media channels and several other chat applications to keep in touch with pals or family. This new feature allows the user to send a text within short span of time. Also, it avoids the time wasted by waiting for the response they expect through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The chat interface will let you request for a early check-in, even on the way to your hotel. Language barrier is also eliminated through this add-on feature of the app. Pre-translated templates will allow to answer the most common queries raised by the users. This would be really grateful for non-English speaking people from various parts of the globe.

David Vismans, Chief Product Officer at commented on the immediate response gained through this recent development, “We know that 75 (percent) of our customers prefer self-service options to take care of simple requests. With the new Booking Messages interface, customers can literally customize and manage their trips in the palm of their hand. This technology takes away the worry of a busy front desk, different time zones, or friction of communication between people speaking different languages.”

Online Travel Agency
The latest feature was released last week. So the company is expecting a positive response which leads to the enhancement of customer service offered by gained the highest ranking among the travel apps, under the study conducted by ARC. By this new feature, it is emphasizing that this application deserves to be on the highest ranking position.

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