Thursday, 25 August 2016

Car Rental Software and Mobile Apps for Travel Agencies in Europe, Dubai Turkey and Nigeria.

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT ( is one of the leading travel technology companies, delivering best in class car rental software, travel software and reservation system software to global travel management companies.

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Travel Mobile Apps
The main aim of implementing car rental software is related to maximizing the revenue of the travel management company through online booking of cars. The increment in the revenue is achieved by reaching out to maximum number of customers through the features of the car rental software. Car rental software helps the travel management companies to provide a customized booking system for the customers. The rental software makes the exact quote, information regarding the vehicle availability and book the vehicle possible, just at the click of the mouse. The rental software that is available in the market comes with the features of being user-friendly and easy to operate.
The other features that is included in the car rental software are portrayal of the high season rate, providing quotation for a single fleet, time management for the days when all the cars for rent are sold out, separate interface for the travel agents, login facilities for the customers and the travel agents, setting up of the price anywhere, multi-user individual level of access, Rent availability based on daily, hourly, weekly and monthly rates and make the process of partnership with various company fleets easier.
Car Rental Software
The above were the benefits associated with the car rental software. There are certain advantages that the travel management company enjoys through implementing Car Rental Software for the car rental section. The first advantage is the availability of the car internet booking engine which makes the quote availability of the entire fleet just at the click of a finger. The second advantage is maintaining an effective order management system, which helps in the management of multiple vendors in single account, with specific login for the agents and customers who frequently use the car rental service of the travel management company. The car reservation software helps in the preparation of customized voucher and invoices. This means that the itinerary could be prepared as per the requirement of the client which is based on price calculation. The software also helps in enhancing the satisfaction level of the customers through sending them an instant conformation regarding booking, through email or SMS. The last but not the least is the benefit of providing an excellent agent management system. This means that they offer an account of the travel agencies, associates, companies and the corporate.

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