Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What are the benefits of OTA travel technology solutions over direct booking system?

The key to successful usage of the direct booking strategy increases site’s customization to ensure that visitors have access to direct booking rewards when it means the most. When a website visitor comes directly from an Online Travel Agency (OTA), hotels have the opportunity to give a unique and special experience which makes them place the booking.

Online Travel Agency
There is no doubt that the reservation giants consolidate and display travel information related to pricing. The main problem for hoteliers is that these sites have a primary purpose of booking rooms than to please the travelers. OTA is the ideal choice to book quickly, but many forget the hidden benefits of booking directly with hotels.

If customers choose to search directly on the hotel website and book ahead, they will be looking for a personalized experience. Independent hotels can provide great flexibility regarding the choice of rooms available, re-booking and price negotiations. The hotel's agent knows the system inside and outside to provide the best recommendations for restaurants and local attractions and accommodation for guests. The marketing benefits of direct booking is not a new concept to travelers, but many hotels continue building on their own websites.

The key is to capture the attention of visitors quickly when they visit websites, by marketing the benefits of direct booking on the site, which are best for them. By understanding the interest of the visitors from their first visit to the site, many agents have been able to engage visitors to build the value of booking directly with third parties.
Direct Booking Website
Meanwhile, at least one travel agency prices jumped on OTA, the possibility of using the value to promote and decry OTA’s use of customers. Travel agencies are using data of the customers to provide customized services. OTAs that act as marketing organizations are not sustainable for long term. The brand message will be lost when consumers realize that there is no real advantage to use their products. If metasearch provides a superior products and best prices and operations are intuitive and smooth the sites through the party.

From a customer perspective, by an OTA reservation makes no difference, because they see the same speed in the hotel room, as they do in OTA. However, there are several additional benefits directly to consumers to get the booking, but consumers won't get these advantages, unless the hotel knows about the reservation.

Driving Traffic: OTA vs Direct Hotel Booking

One of the benefits of OTA which is little-known is that it really drives traffic to the hotel reservation website. According to a study by Google, 52% of travelers visit the hotel’s website and view the available room or space before they place the booking. Towards the end, using OTA for the first time or to quickly fill vacant rooms is worth the cost of the commission. However, the purpose is to display the required information to the website visitor and place the booking. It helps in balancing satisfaction and expectation level of the customer. In that case OTA acts fast than a direct booking website.

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