Monday, 27 March 2017

PROVAB delivers best in class travel technology solutions to companies in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Dubai UAE

Time is of utmost importance to the business travelers, and also efficiency, connectivity and productivity. They want to get information on and book travel products and services instantly. Speed is their watchword. If you want to cater to the travel needs of corporate, you must use best of class travel related technology and online booking system.
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Business travelers want all – organizing travel visas, requesting cash advances, or asking for the use of a corporate car – at one instance of booking process. By facilitating trip organization and increasing control over related spending, you can include travel-related services in the booking flow.
The travel agents who desire to provide professional travel booking services to business travelers can make use of latest travel technology related services with new booking options. Then the travel agency can provide them the facility to request additional services online as they book their business trip. You the travel agent will then deal with the demand. This will help the corporates to conform with their travel policy. Anyway, you must provide the business traveler a single entry point to complete his comprehensive travel booking instantly.
You can also offer hotels that especially cater to the needs of the business travelers, such as Wi-Fi enabled room, meeting rooms, leisure activities etc, to enable them to work and relax whenever they want. Remember, ‘corporate travel is a travel arranged by a business for accomplishing business purposes.  
You must devise ways to reduce the cost of corporate travels, but to upgrade the business travel experience.
With the contribution of latest travel technology to travel industry, travel software including airline reservation system, hotel reservation system, car booking system are on rise. House sharing, car sharing are the latest developments, where in people are searching these path breaking and cost effective deals through travel technology.

Travel Technology Solutions

To stay ahead of the curve, a robust travel software is the basic need of travel agencies today. Travel agent software, not only offers a 24/7 sales system for travel companies, but also provides a comprehensive web based admin to review the booking logs and users summary from any corner of the world.
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