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How to start a travel agency?

I hope you have started or plan to start a home-based travel agency because you love and understand travel business well. Yet, your business is not able to compete with OTAs. Time has changed when a home-based travel agent is onlya sales representative who offers travel products and receives a commission based on sales. It is time for you to wake up and know how to start your own online travel agency. You must therefore sell and sell well. For that, you must be well-informed and able to communicate your knowledge to your clients in a persuasive manner.

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Apart from you, your business needs clients too to make it a success. If you have a large circle of friends who travel,if you come from an environment with a lot of contacts, or if you are part of a group or association, it could help your agency to get established soon and to fetch you income.
It may be advantageous to specialize in niche travel products, destinations or type of travel in particular. For example, you can specialize in offering honeymoon trips or in journeys to the ancient churches in Europe. Becoming an expert on a destination adds to your credibility and, subsequently, can increase your sales. Specialization will allow you to select your clients, and then to continue to serve those with whom you have enjoyed working, reserving their other trips, no matter the destination.
In this era, your home-based travel agency cannot do without a website of your own. You can begin your business by making flyers, placing ads in local newspapers or radio. But when the income comes in, you will have to place your home-based travel agency in the cyberspace.
It’s always better to contract a well-experienced Website development company to design and build the travel site for you. It need not have an expensive, fancy look, but it should be brimming with content useful for the traveler. This will fetch you more and more customers. Who knows, sometimes, your home-based travel agency may fly up to be a multi-million dollar business!
Here are some points in starting a new travel agency:

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    • Register your agency’s name and take license as per your local laws
    • Take membership in IATA or any other reputed travel organization
    • Learn about the travel industry thoroughly
    • Start and get your travel website development done by a professional company. You can also get a top travel software integrated.
    • Give maximum publicity to your new firm.
    • Offer the deals, which are focusing to a specific geography. Focusing on niche will bring the accolades quickly.
    • Take help of travel portal development company to set up the right web presence for you.
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