Monday, 12 December 2016

Self inventory hotel extranet system development.

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, the leading hotel extranet system development company in India providing high quality development support team to develop a robust hotel extranet system using self-inventory to travel agents and tour operators worldwide which allows travel agents to book on behalf of their hotel suppliers, to constantly update real-time data on the availability of rooms, rates, discounts and so on.
hotel extranet system

Hotel Extranet is one single central reservation system where you can manage all the hotels, resorts, villas and holiday apartments under one roof. One can can upload their own hotel data (description, availability, rates, special offers, etc) from one single system called “Hotel Extranet”.
Some of the main features are listed below:
  • Our Hotel Extranet is also incorporated with a B2B or B2C booking software and be offered to third parties through API integration, with different rate quotes.
  • Our Hotel Extranet is the product of our knowledge of the dire needs of travel agents all over the world.
  • Our Hotel Extranet can have all the languages you need and currencies too. Multiple languages and currencies. Number of hotel suppliers are infinite. Special discounts, confirmation and cancellation facility, role management, categorized products, etc are the best in our Extranet.
  • With the Hotel Extranet System we supply, you can upload own direct contracts with properties and offer room bookings through B2C, B2B, Mobile Apps and XML Out channels.
  • You can distribute the inventories through existing clients using our platform.
This multichannel content exchange features is a great boon to travel agencies.
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