Monday, 12 December 2016

How to Become an Independent Travel Agent.

It is good to partner with a host organization if you want to work as an independent travel agent. You should look for organizations that are accredited by IATA.
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Prior to starting the agency, you should learn the processes. Becoming an independent travel agent requires training. You can get it either on-site or online. Your course will teach you to use computerized reservation systems and how to sell vacation packages, among other things. You should also satisfy all the legal requirements to start a travel booking agency, applicable to your state or country.
After completing adequate training, you are ready to officially join the host organization. Participation means to pay upfront fees (which vary considerably from one organization to another) and the establishment of their own website. Users can make reservations and travel deals through your website. You can build your own website with a travel technology company like PROVAB TECHNOSOFT.
Then you can book flight tickets, hotel reservations and vacation packages to customers. You will earn your income primarily from commissions that are paid to you by suppliers (hotels, airlines and other companies). To earn commissions, you should join an organization accredited by IATA. Most airlines prefer to book tickets with organizations accredited by IATA. This will give you credibility and knowledge about the industry.
To find more customers than the people you personally know, market your agency through classified advertising, flyers, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and word of mouth. This will bring traffic to your site you will grow your business as an independent travel agent. Best of luck.
In short we have listed all the steps :
    • Register your agency’s name and take license as per your local laws
    • Take membership in IATA or any other reputed travel organization
    • Learn about the travel industry thoroughly
    • Start and get your travel website development done by a professional company. You can also get a top travel software integrated.
    • Give maximum publicity to your new firm.
    • Offer the deals, which are focusing to a specific geography. Focusing on niche will bring the accolades quickly.
    • Take help of travel portal development company to set up the right web presence for you.
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