Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Integrate Expedia, GTA Travel, Hotelbeds, DOTW, Agoda, Hotelspro, WCT, Travco, Tourico Hotel APIs for Top Hotel Inventory.

Booking your hotel through online hotel reservation software is easy. The availability of multiple accommodations for each destination, gives end users enough flexibility to choose a right hotel at right cost. Each accommodation option provides a varied range of pricing, facility, quality and availability, using which end users can select and pick a desired option.
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Top hotel consolidators Expedia, GTA Travel, Hotelbeds, DOTW, Agoda, Hotelspro, WCT, Travco, Tourico, Bonotel, Travelocity, Jac Travels, Miki and others have designed and developed APIs for hotel inventory to share the hotel inventory to global travel agent. The web services of hotel APIs not only sharing the availability but also the room types, pricing as well. The main aim associated with the hotel APIs is travel agents, both small and medium-sized travel agents offer their clients the best of the deals at any corner of the globe. Hotel booking systems equipped with Hotel APIs, makes all the information regarding hotel selection available at the finger tip of the customers, and it is also real time information.
API stands for application programming interface. In simple terms hotel API integration provides a legitimate access for one company to get access to the product of the other companies. A travel management company or a travel portal can get access to a huge variety of hotel inventory through hotel APIs integration.
Hotel APIs acts as web service with the option of online functionality for searching and booking of the hotels across the world. Hotel API web service provides a broader spectrum to the online hotel booking services. The travel management companies or the travel agencies get the privilege of providing its users with the option of choosing their accommodation as per their need at a particular destination, thus giving a wider enhancement to the business of the travel agencies.
The benefits of the top hotel APIs for the travel agencies are as follows:
  • Business Expansion- Travel APIs provides a wider access of hotels across the world for the customers of the travel agency. With the availability of a wider accommodation option and a user-friendly booking, the travel API integration would help the travel agencies in attracting more customers, increasing the present number of customers and allowing the Travel Company or travel agency to expand the business by venturing new avenues.
  • Customer Satisfaction- People approaches the travel portal as they find arranging for the travel to be difficult. The travel agencies website is a one stop shop for all the travel needs with different options to choose form. Travel portal acts as a single platform, enabling the users to search from a varied number of options and booking the most prominent option through the same portal. This makes the process of hotel booking simpler for the users and helps in exceeding customer expectation through providing a varied number of options.
  • Cost Saving – The travel agencies could avoid maintaining software, which will save the cost for maintenance and installation. The travel APIs make real time availability for each hotel accommodation and pricing, helping in saving time and operational cost.
  • Time saving – The user friendly hotel booking interface makes the process of booking much easier and quicker, thus helping in saving cost.
  • Personalized service- The travel API helps the travel agencies to provide personalized service through options like own system, database and websites. The travel agencies can host hotel booking engine with real time information.
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Features associated with the top hotel APIs are:
  • Real time availability and pricing
  • Quick booking through simplified search interface
  • Vast inventory
  • Huge number of suppliers
  • Integrated support
  • User-friendly search engine
The leading hotel APIs include Expedia, GTA API, Hotelbed XML, Hotelspro XML, Tourico API, DOTW API, Travco API, Tourico XML, Expedia API, WCT API, Bonotel XML and

API based hotel reservation system is a hit at the present as it is accompanied with benefits like 24/7 availability, enhanced client satisfaction, automated system, immediate confirmation, time saving and brings improvement in sales.

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